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Wedding Wine Boxes / Love Letters Ceremony

by Sharon Auld

We’ve been making wedding wine boxes for clients for several years now. Many of the boxes we make aren’t just for weddings though, our clients have used our boxes to commemorate all sorts of special occasions including; anniversaries, birthdays and corporate events. All our boxes are hand-made locally in Alberta, Canada from reclaimed wood and construction extras that were destined for landfills. Even our hardwood boxes of maple, walnut and oak are made from reclaimed wood where possible. We use only paints with low (or zero) VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and eco-friendly finishes as much as possible. We absolutely love creating memorable keepsakes that are also good for the environment!

Lately, we’ve had a lot of couples use our wedding wine boxes during their actual wedding ceremony. Have you heard of the “Wine Box / Love Letters” ceremony? It’s becoming an increasingly popular, romantic way to add a new twist to the wedding ceremony. Couples start with a keepsake, wooden wine box and a great bottle of wine. You’ll want to choose a box and a bottle of wine that’s meant to stand the test of time (some wines are more suited to be stored for several years so make sure you consult with your local wine experts before purchasing). The couple then writes love letters to each other to express their feelings to one another as they embark on their marriage. The letters are sealed and meant to be shared with the other person at a later date; it’s really a “wedding time-capsule”! You can choose to open the wine on your 1st wedding anniversary, your 5th wedding anniversary, your 25th anniversary or at any designated future date. Some couples have even decided they’ll open their box if they experience a particularly rough or trying time in their marriage, but the hope of course, is that it’s reserved for an anniversary celebration. What a wonderful way to renew and reconnect with the reasons you fell in love in the first place!

During the wedding ceremony the officiant will explain the purpose and special meaning of the wedding wine box and its contents to guests. The couples will then place the letters and the wine into the box, as well as any other special keepsakes the couple may wish to place inside the box (photos, a special piece of jewelry, your vows etc.). The box is then sealed shut (some boxes are nailed shut, others are locked with lock and key, sealed with a wax seal or ribbon). If using a hammer and nail, the officiant often hammers the first nail, followed by the bride and groom. Some couples may also decide to have a special family member or member of the wedding party hammer a nail as well. There aren’t any steadfast rules, so feel free to do what is meaningful for you!

So what do you think, is it something you plan on incorporating into your wedding ceremony? While we are constantly designing new boxes, here are a few of the wooden wine boxes we’ve made in the past. Our boxes can be customized with different stains and finishes or left natural, unfinished.

This box was made for our friend Julie of Julie Williams Photography. This style of box is one of our most popular styles and we’ve nick-named it the “Julie” box. :)

wood-wedding-wine box

Wedding wine box ceremony made by Naturally Chic, photo courtesty of Julie Williams Photography

These boxes are made to be used with hammer and nails (our Nailed Shut box). The box lid can be nailed shut and pried open (and resealed if desired). We can also make with a smooth lid to resemble the “Julie” box.


Wine box for nailing during wedding box ceremony photo by Naturally Chic.


Wooden wine box for wedding wine box / love letters ceremony


Wood wine box for wedding ceremony with mountain logo

Single and Double Wine box made from reclaimed, unfinished spruce and pine  is an inexpensive wine box option. Couples will often use a “sticker” type seal or a wax seal closure for this slide box as nailing shut is not recommended for this type of box.


Double and single wood wine box


Wooden wine box for wine box ceremony / love letters ceremony.

On any of our boxes we can design a more detailed engraving. We can even engrave photos!


Single wedding wine box with personalized logo or design

The boxes below have a divider inside so that there are two separate compartments (and separate lids), so that you can open one side but not the other if desired.


Double wood wine anniversary box


wedding anniversary box time capsule

This hinged box holds two wine glasses (supplied) and will hold two standard size bottles of wine (not included – you’ll have to add the wine yourself). :) We also make single hinged boxes, and double hinged boxes (small locks can be added to order).


Double wood wine box with glasses


Wood wine box.

At your ceremony, have fun!


Wedding wine box / love letters ceremony | Photo by Funky Town Photography.

Please note that we’re a small company and custom make all our boxes to our customer’s specifications. We rarely have more than a couple boxes in stock at any one time.  If you need a box for a specific wedding date, we encourage you to order early as it can take 2 to 4 weeks to complete a box once an order is confirmed depending on how busy we are (especially during our busy wedding season). You’ll also need to allow time for shipping.

Send us an email at for more information on our current lead times and for a quote on your particular project.

Thanks again for stopping by and Happy Planning! For more information about our wedding planning and design services contact us at , or 1.888.679.9056.


Comment from Adrian
Time May 5, 2012 at 7:04 am

Hi, I just stumbled upon your website and was curious about the pricing for the wedding anniversary box time capsule and Double wood wine anniversary box?

Hope to hear back from you soon.


Comment from Kristen
Time July 29, 2012 at 11:13 pm

I am looking for one of these boxes. Can you provide me with pricing.

Comment from Tracey Longo
Time February 1, 2013 at 12:35 pm

I am very intersted in buying a personalized wedding wine box. I would like it to be able to fit one bottel of wine and 2 glasses. How much do your boxes usually run and what would the processing and shipping time be to New Jersey?

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